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There are often projects that are critical to the success of an enterprise, and that can only be achieved through good cooperation between various teams. This may be an international project with multiple locations; a cooperation with a customer or a supplier team, or a post-merger-integration.

Since such projects are shaped and managed by people with different experiences, cultural backgrounds, and (power)- interests, they may be characterized by strong emotions, conflicts and crises. These emotions and conflicts often paralyze the individual and collective effectiveness of the participants and thus, of the project as a whole.

Moving people to a positive and trusting relationship and bringing critical projects back on track is an art in itself that requires great experience, both in the content and human and social aspects of the cooperation. Conadeo’s consultants have extensive professional experience in the field, as they have successfully accompanied several dozen post-merger integrations and international projects.

Our services for a successful collaboration and for post-merger integrations

  • From the start, we support the management and executives with our conceptual knowledge and develop the overall architecture of the integration or cooperation project.
  • We esultin the entire process.
  • We identify and structure the perceptions of the parties involved and the resulting emotional blockages.
  • We develop solutions for both the “hard” as well as “soft” issues.
  • We design communication and ensure high participation at all levels of implementation, thereby effectively reducing resistances.
  • We define and implement feedback processes in order to capture the mindset of the affected persons and adapt the approach accordingly.
  • We define a PMI-controlling, including “Benefit-tracking” to monitor the success.
  • We support the integration with pragmatism, actively and locally. We identify the critical issues and areas and develop solution-oriented measures that take this into account.

For a successful cooperation, we develop tailor made approaches that integrate content and human aspects:

  • We support the integration teams.
  • We run active conflict prevention, conflict management and moderate conflict-workshops.
  • We conduct Team coaching- and team development measures.
  • We coach key people in a single or tandem setting.
  • We conduct intercultural training and coaching.