Optimizing for your success:Procurement management

The significant contribution of procurement to corporate profits is well recognized in academic theory as well as in practical experience. However, the full optimization potential often remains elusive to organizations due to the in-effective and in-efficient use of procurement instruments. In most cases, additional sources of total cost reduction can be tapped into quickly thereby rapidly improving bottom-line profits.

Conadeo has developed approaches to optimize procurement that can easily be customized and adjusted to a client’s unique corporate strategy and culture. Our holistic methodology of procurement optimization is based on numerous international consultancy mandates; clients benefit from our practical knowledge as well as our academic expertise. In the beginning, we always assess the organization’s status quo (existing know-how, skills of the associates, etc.) and work out feasible and goal-oriented solutions together with the client team.

Our clients in procurement are international and come from all industry sectors. A high-level outline of our procurement services is as follows:

  • We are sparring partners for the managing board, executive board, and top management level to clarify all questions of relevance and develop solutions for their procurement management.
  • We support you in formulating and implementing a tailor-made procurement strategy.
  • We help you to develop the optimal design for your procurement organization considering the trade-offs between a central and decentral organization.
  • We create a goal-oriented performance management together with your team to make quantitative and qualitative savings measurable and sustainable.
  • We re-engineer processes and propose concrete steps for optimization.
  • We handle or oversee your program management, set up cost-cutting measures for the procurement, support the implementation process, and help you to realize respective savings.
  • We give methodical and strategic support to procurement managers, e.g. for quantitative analyses or the development of options in negotiations.
  • We design individual communication concepts and support the implementation.