We already prepare the implementation in the design phase:Organizational Design

Based on our experience, there are three key elements to take into account when developing an efficient organization:

  • Customer orientation (Outside-In perspective),
  • Process- or outcome orientation
  • Acceptance of the new organization be the executives and employees.

An organization must be and can only be developed by those who will work with it on a daily basis. This is why we design your future organization together with your key performers – an important factor for the acceptance and the future implementation of your new business model. The project team, operating as so called change agents, builds the core of the new management culture.

Our Change-Lab®-method allows companies to develop innovative and effective business models. We have successfully used this method in more than twenty restructuring projects.

Our organizational design services:

  • From the start on, we support the management with our conceptional knowledge and develop the overall architecture of the organizational design project.
  • Sit back: we manage the entire project.
  • We document the target business model for our clients.
  • We structure the communication and stakeholder-management.

We also accompany the team of performers that drive the organizational design and its implementation:

  • We train participants in organizational design principles.
  • We suppport the team process. We help the key performers to take distance from their functional responsibilities so that they can develop together the best organizational solution for your company.
  • We structure and moderate workshops and support them with methodological and content expertise.
  • We prepare and run the workshops with proven approaches.
  • We develop the implementation plan together with key performers.