Restructuring and workforce reduction

For everyone involved, implementing drastic personnel measures is probably one of the most difficult tasks. Even though restructuring can never really be done well; it makes a big difference how this difficult task is approached: For the employees who have to leave, for managers and HR teams responsible and for those who stay; their future commitment certainly depends on how they have seen corporate culture proving in difficult times.

Our restructuring and staff-reduction support

  • Together with the project teams we develop activity-, time- and communication-plans

  • We do not provide any legal advice, but support our clients by preparing information and developing options in shaping fair discussions and agreements with employee representatives and social partners.

  • We support HR departments in the practical implementation of the agreements.

  • We train and support managers and HR teams in mastering the difficult talks and situations as well as possible.

  • We support the implementation of coaching and training that really makes a difference for those affected so that they can quickly and successfully re-position themselves in the labour market.