Was uns unterscheidet

Our solutions are individual.Like you and your challenges

Each client and each project is different. Successful solutions therefore require tailored approaches and experience.

At Conadeo, successful consultancy is based on a secure foundation:

Cooperation. In our consultancy we place great importance in working together with your teams and employees and to integrate them into the project implementation. This ensures acceptance of the recommended actions. Thus we achieve that

  • all relevant stakeholders are involved in designing the solution,
  • recommendations are “illuminated” from different perspectives and thus organizational buy-in is secured, and
  • the concrete measures are actually created “from within” the company and thus meet with the approval of the employees more easily

Content and human aspects. We not only consider the processes, strategies, and markets of the company, but also its people and culture. Our passion is not only to improve the way of working, but also the quality of cooperation. Accordingly, our approaches and solutions are holistic.

Seniority. Conadeo cooperates exclusively with management consultants with many years of experience. We create value and acceptance from the start and help you to develop pragmatic and proven solutions instead of mere theoretical approaches.

Flexibility. We customize our measures to your individual needs and requirements. We either support you by individual consultants with a few days or by consultant teams with complementary expertise.