A platform for change:The Change Lab®

To quickly develop a new, creative and implementable business model, Conadeo uses an approach that ensures the prerequisites for success: the Change Lab®.

The Change Lab is a physical place separated from daily business where the team members of the project meet approx. 3 days a week, every other week (approx. 30%-40% exemption). It provides a change platform which enables the team members to try out and experience the new and creative procedures.

The team members are “change agents” and “entrepreneurs”, i.e. they distinguish themselves by means of great expert knowledge, creativity and readiness for risk, leadership abilities, external contacts as well the readiness to learn and social competency.

The Change Lab® – a unique benefit for your business

With the use of the Change Lab®

  • team members can free themselves effectively of encrusted structures and work processes in order to develop a radically new business model with resulting improvement in: revenues, quality, service level as well as speed to market.
  • you gain time compared to a traditional approach as the most up to date level of know-how of the company or business unit is present in the Change Lab and readily available. Thus it is possible to quickly develop a new business model.
  • the feasibility and implementation of the project is guaranteed through the involvement of the core team members
  • All critical success factors for a quick implementation of the new business model are given as team members have a high acceptance within the company.

The methodology of Change Lab®

Team members are assisted in the creation of the new business model with the following tools:

People and environment – Ongoing training and coaching on how to be a “High Performance Team”

  • Creation of a team that is characterized by a constant search for challenges and a willingness to exceed expectations.
  • Developing team members who feel responsible for each other and assist each other actively.

Staffing of the team a critical success factor

  • Teams are staffed cross-functionally, that means all areas of the company are taken into consideration, which increases acceptance and is an essential prerequisite for a holistic approach.
  • Team members are „entrepreneurs“ and „change agents“, that means they implement the new business model in the entire company within these roles.

General set-up – The Change Lab offers a safe environment for experimenting which encourages team members to „live“ the new business model.

  • Physical prerequisites: e.g. facilities, telephone, Internet, printers etc.
  • Organizational/cultural prerequisites: exemption from day to day business, club atmosphere, creation of an environment where mistakes are tolerated, etc.

Principles and tools

  • „Thinking from the outside in“: Customer demands and needs determine the new orientation of the business model
  • “Thinking from right to left”: In the Change Lab the goals and performance criteria of the new business model are determined in advance, thus the desired outcome effectively determines the chosen work approach. In contrast, traditional approaches only describe the gap between the new business model and the current situation, hence lacking a targeted direction.
  • “Time Boxing”: creating time pressure to focus on the essentials
  • “80/20 rule”: the first 20% of time invested generate 80% of earnings – 80% accuracy is sufficient
  • “Iterative approach” instead of waterfall approach.

This method differs considerably from the traditional project management principles and allows, in spite of the complexity and the multiple layers of the desired change, a focused project flow. It smoothes resistance and avoids stalling of the project. We have applied this change management principle with success world-wide and have improved it continuously.