Professional and cooperative:Our services

Building on our extensive experience, we are in a position to purposefully guide you through the processes, strategic developments and organizational design of your company, along with the implementation of single strategic initiatives. With you in a team we cooperatively work on the conceptualization and design of holistic approaches.

At Conadeo it is important for us that technical topics, in addition to cultural conditions of your company are taken into consideration. We naturally integrate strategic requirements and make use of operative know-how. Our solutions are easily implementable in the daily business operations of your enterprise.

The focal points of our consultancy lie in strategic development, the structuring of organizational design and the implementation of strategic initiatives. Based on several projects, we have developed an approach that fosters the successful (international) coming together of individual members and departments, within your business. For many years, we have been sought after partners of our customers in the field of innovative-, customer- and aquisitional management.