Supporting you. Also for personal challenges.


Changing a company naturally involves changing processes and structures, but also changing in the attitude and the behavior of individual employees, teams and certainly the executives.

Above all, most managers are in a very stressful situation. To conduct restructuring and change processes is a complex and difficult task, requiring knowledge and experience in both technical and organizational, as well as social and psychological fields. Very often managers face these challenges alone.

Through their many years of working as consultants with the so called “hard” factors (processes, structures) and the “soft” factors (fears, resistances, expectations, motivation) in change management projects, Conadeo’s coaches, provide a very enriching experience as a sparring partner for affected managers. Their often support several managers over a period of six to twelve months, in the form of regularly scheduled individual meetings, in which the distinctive themes of change management are discussed. If necessary and desired by the Managers, these discussions can take on the character of an individual coaching or targeted interventions with their team.

In addition, we offer exclusive individual- and team coaching with recognized methods and approaches, that have been proven as innovative and very effective in numerous companies.


Our coaching services:

  • Sparring partner for managers in change initiatives (Executive sparring)
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Project-coaching



Pierre_Frot_LexikonOn the subject of coaching

Pierre Frot: „Lexikon des Familienstellens und der systemischen Aufstellungsarbeit“

2nd edition, Schirner Verlag