Content and culture: implementing strategic change initiatives


The real challenge in developing a new strategy or organization is its implementation. We pick up those affected by changes from where they actually are and show them viable ways on which we accompany them. Furthermore, we ensure that the people involved develop the necessary skills. Our method warrants the understanding and active support of everyone involved.

To effectively implement the change, we use a very flexible approach based on close cooperation with the affected managers, specific interventions with the teams, as well as traditional and dialogue-based communication. Unusual interaction between team members and the management, i.e. like taking part in so called “fishbowl” workshops instead of classical steering committee meetings is an important factor in our approach.

Our interventions not only address the “hard” factors of change (processes, structures), but are also incorporate the essential elements of cultural change, coaching and training of the participants. This combination of hard and soft factors within an intervention allows affected managers to better understand and deal with the uncertainties and inherent conflicts.


Our change-management-services:

  • We support from the start the management and top performers with our conceptional knowledge and develop the overall architecture of the change-process.
  • We manage the entire project.
  • We structure the communication and ensure high participation at all levels of implementation, thereby reducing resistances.
  • We support the change with pragmatism and actively lead projects through critical phases. We identify the critical issues and areas and develop solution-oriented measures that take these into account.
  • We use “benefit-tracking” processes that secure the business objectives of the change.


For a successful implementation we propose tailor made approaches that integrate content and human aspects:

  • We structure and moderate key events (executive committee, management, large group events, etc.).
  • We structure and moderate content- and team-oriented workshops, supported through methodological and content expertise.
  • We conduct training- and coaching sessions for change-teams, executives and members of the project.
  • We conduct and moderate conflict management workshops.
  • We implement feedback-processes which capture the current state of mind of the affected people, and adapt the approach accordingly.



Pierre_Frot_Emotionale-UnternehmenOn the subject of change management and post-merger integration

Pierre Frot and Jochen Peter Breuer: „Das emotionale Unternehmen“

2nd edition, Gabler Verlag